The Most Common Dental Procedures That Dentists Offer

Most people feel overwhelmed and confused when they think of various dental procedures offered by dentists. They usually wonder what some procedures entail and how they actually work. Having adequate information about the most common dental treatments can help eliminate anxiety and fears, and make your experience with your dentist go more smoothly. Here are some popular dental services offered by different dentists.

1. Dental Crowns

A crown is simply a dental restoration that protects broken, damaged or cracked teeth. Commonly referred to as Caps, dental crowns cover the entire surface of your tooth above the gum line. They are made from metal, porcelain or a combination of certain materials. Caps are used to cover chipped, cracked or stained and severely damaged teeth to hold your orthodontic bridges in place. They are mainly placed on your teeth to improve appearance and increase strength.

2. Filings And Repairs

When it comes to this particular dental procedure, dentists use restorative materials to repair your teeth that have been compromised because of tooth trauma or tooth decay (cavities). In this case, your dentist may prefer to use many techniques, such as x-rays and cavity detecting dye to determine if you have any dental problem. Broken or cracked teeth are actually the main cause of tooth trauma. Several different materials are used to repair your teeth – and the composite fillings are the most common one. Your dentist can advice you on the best material suitable for your specific needs.

3. Teeth Whitening

Naturally, teeth darken with age, but staining can be caused by different beverages and foods, smoking cigarettes and certain drugs. In teeth whitening process, a peroxide-based material is used to whiten your teeth. It’s one of the most effective and efficient cosmetic procedures used to treat discoloured and/or stained teeth.

4. Dental Bridges And Implants

Implants and bridges are the best ways to replace missing teeth. Also referred to as a fixed removable denture, a bridge is specifically designed to replace a missing tooth. Also remember that there are many different types of bridges and the most common one is a fixed bridge. Dental bridges are either supported by implants or natural teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, are metal frames or posts surgically placed on the jawbone beneath the gums to serve as an anchor to replaced teeth. They replicate the whole tooth, including the root and crown. The dentist always ensures that there is no bone loss and healthy teeth are maintained so you can enjoy increased confidence and stability in speaking and eating.

5. Root Canals (Endodontic)

With this treatment, dentists only concentrate on removing the tooth’s pulp, which a small, thread-like tissue found in the centre of your tooth. The space left is properly cleaned, shaped and then filled with the right substance. This pulp contains arteries, lymph tissue, veins and nerves. The main purpose for this treatment is to seal off the root canals. Injuries to the teeth, a deep cavity or cracked teeth are the main causes of pulp damage.

To avoid all these dental procedures, it’s always important to visit your dentist more regularly for checkups and any other minor treatment if necessary.